This week: We don't take our own good advice.

97 percent

Americans who “believe it’s important to wash their hands after using a public restroom,” according to the Bradley Corporation. “However, just 66 percent always wash their hands after using a public restroom.”

87 percent

American car owners who “say they act on automotive recall notices most or all of the time,” according to Stericycle Expert Solutions. But actual numbers reveal ” only 61.7 percent of recalled cars get repaired.”

60.6 percent

U.S. adults who say “yes, absolutely” when asked if they’ll “be with their partner forever,” according to MFour. Meanwhile, 40 percent of all marriages fail.

63 percent

Adults who realize it’s stupid and dangerous to poke at their gums with a fork or a knife to remove food stuck between their teeth, according to American Dental Association. But 21 percent do it anyway.

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