This week: A backlash against back-lit screens.

66 percent

Americans who, if they had to choose, “would be willing to get rid of all online entertainment – whether Netflix, Spotify, YouTube or others – to preserve the opportunity to experience live entertainment,” according to MGM Resorts. Even more, 83 percent, “say we spend too long looking at screens.”

64 percent

“Generation Z social media users who have quit one or more platforms entirely,” according to Hill Holliday. Why? Because “social media makes them feel sad, anxious, or depressed.”

63 percent

Drivers who feel “distracted drivers” — those who are texting — pose the greatest risk to their safety, according to Cambridge Mobile Telematics. Interestingly, only 37 percent say that for drunk drivers.

57 percent

American adults who “feel healthy skin is more important than staying up-to-date on social media,” according to L’Oreal. “Nearly a quarter of Americans (23 percent) would be willing to move to another climate if it promised healthier skin.”

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