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1. How a Balance Transfer Credit Card Can Help You Pay Down Debt

Consumer Reports — Interest rates on credit cards are rising. That translates into an added $7.4 billion in interest payments for consumers in 2018. You can avoid the added interest payments by transferring your balances — especially if you have a good credit score in the 700s.

But if you get a good deal, such as a zero-rate transfer, Carla says “the challenge is to actually get the balance paid off before the rate adjusts.” And if you miss a payment, you could lose the great interest rate. Check this out and then read about the worst credit cards in America right now.   

2. What is Hygge? 12 Ways to Embrace this Frugal Danish Lifestyle

Money Crashers — I never knew about Hygge. There is no direct translation into English but it loosely means “coziness.” Amy ties in the spirit of Hygge with improving your finances. This lifestyle used by the Danish people often incorporates activities that are cheap or free.

She says, “it focuses on slowing down, embracing nature, and making more time for friends – all things you can do without spending any money at all.” She provides 12 ways that you can adopt the lifestyle and cut back on your spending. For example, share a home-cooked meal with friends.

3. 10 Less Awkward Ways to Ask a Friend for Your Money Back

WiseBread — When you lend friends money, things don’t always work out for the best. Some friends take advantage and that makes for awkward moments — especially when you want the money back. Paul provides some tips so you don’t “cause offense” or “jeopardize your friendship.”

This first one, “ask politely,” makes sense since causing a rift in your friendship by being rude may insult your friend and he or she could just walk away. The tenth one: “Consider a credit card payment” was interesting. They could use PayPal or Venmo if possible. Check out this post about lending money to a friend after you finish Paul’s post.

4.  Fighting Lifestyle Inflation: Hopping Off the Hedonic Treadmill

Get Rich Slowly — I like this line by Donna: “Frugality does not translate to a life of joyless self-denial.” It’s true. Frugal people buy things, they just don’t impulse shop or practice what some Americans live by — keeping up with the Joneses. That creates the “hedonic treadmill.” You keep buying in order to stay happy or fulfilled.

But you’re never really happy or fulfilled. You’re simply broke or deeper in debt. She discusses “deferred gratification” and saying “no” when you’re confronted with a sale or an item you really want — but don’t need. Read this post, it’s interesting and informative.

5. 5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Without Spending a Dime

Money Talks News — 2018 just began and if you made a resolution to lose weight chances are it will cost you money. But Karla found five that are free and “They involve no diets, supplements, workout equipment or whatever else the weight-loss industry” sells during the New Year.

They’re all interesting and easy but the fourth way will take concentration: Avoid distractions. People who eat while they’re watching TV or doing something else often overeat because they’re not thinking about their food. Scientists call it “mindless eating.”

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