This week: Can humanity be saved?

67 percent

American adults who admit “they’ve taken a short cut by skipping the soap and simply rinsing with water” in a public restroom, according to the 2017 Healthy Hand Washing Survey. Even worse, “82 percent of Americans frequently or occasionally see others leave a public restroom without washing.”

24 percent

Americans who “admit to passing off canned soup to dinner party guests as homemade,” according to Campbell’s Soup. “More than twice as many men (36 percent) than women (14 percent) say they’ve passed off canned soup as homemade.”

14 percent

Americans who “have stolen a political sign off someone’s lawn without their knowledge,” according to Toluna QuickSurveys. At least that’s lower than the 16 percent who “told people they voted, when they did not.”

11 percent

Dog owners who have “created a social media account for their pup,” according to BarkBox. The rest aren’t much better: “On average, dog people post a picture or talk about their dog on social media six times per week.”


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