This week: What blondes, moms, and gymnasts prefer to eat.

Animation of grilled cheese being pulled apart, revealing melted American cheese in the middle82 percent

“Blonde Americans” who “prefer more than just cheese on their grilled cheese sandwiches,” according to Sara Lee. That compares to “only 67 percent of brunettes. ”

Animation of woman saying "These are amazing. It's like deep-fried crack."81 percent

Mothers with kids under 18 who “admit to eating off their kids’ plates either before, during or after a meal,” according to Nutrisystem. Mostly that involves stealing French fries (62 percent of the time) and even eating pizza crusts the kids don’t want (53 percent).

Animation of chocolate being made in a factory52 percent

Americans who “believe that chocolate eggs are best filled with cream, caramel or other treats,” according to the National Confectioners Association. Meanwhile, 32 percent “want their chocolate eggs to be solid, while 16 percent are fine with a hollow chocolate egg.”

Animation of Homer Simpson analyzing a pretzel to collect food stats13 percent

Americans who “prefer to eat their soft pretzels plain,” according to Super Pretzel. Then there’s this: “Those who do bendy exercises, like yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and dance, are more likely than those who do not to be a bit more adventurous with their soft pretzel by trying new flavors or toppings.”


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Article last modified on August 15, 2017. Published by, LLC .