What we would give up to acquire other things.

85 percent

U.S. adults who would “choose an unpleasant household task like doing laundry over solving a math problem,” according to Emerson, an engineering firm.

39 percent

Women who “would give up sex for a month to be free of unwanted body hair for one year,” according to Nair. Interestingly, that’s higher than those who would give up social media for a month, which is 38 percent.

33 percent

Americans who would give up coffee if it meant their direct-deposit paychecks would arrive in their accounts faster than they do now, according to Viewpost. Another 14 percent would give up their mobile phone.

1 in 5

Men who “would give up drinking for a month for stronger, healthier hair,” according to Dove. Also, “7 in 10 men wish the man bun would go away.”

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