Joint finances, kicking butt, brilliant hacks, normalizing debt and more.

1. 6 Crucial Money Tips for Newlyweds Navigating Joint Finances

Financial Best Life — Dishonesty and disagreements about finances doom relationships. And couples who don’t talk about money also put their relationships at risk. Surveys reveal that 59 percent of Americans say finances played a role in their divorce.

So take these tips seriously, especially if you’re a newlywed. I like the second tip: “Total Transparency.” Nothing good occurs when spouses start hiding things from one another. How do you feel about the last tip: “Maintain Separate Savings Accounts.” Do you agree?

2. 19 Personal Finance Rules You Must Live By to Kick Butt With Your Money

Frugal Rules — Opinions regarding finances abound. We at present our own almost everyday. But John believes there are certain opinions, or rules, that everyone should follow if they’re serious about improving their lives and finances. The first one is obvious: “Spend less than you earn.”

I like the ninth one because if you don’t do this, and you’re married or in a close relationship, you’re screwing yourself: “Discuss Finances with Your Partner.”  John says, “being financially naked with your spouse brings you together and helps you accomplish goals as a team.”

3. 11 Brilliant Hacks Using Common Household Products

Money Talks News — Gael calls this list: “You used WHAT to fix WHAT?” I think the name fits, especially after reading about her first household hack: “Remove water stains with mayonnaise.” This makes absolutely no sense but it worked. The water rings left behind disappeared.

I like the fourth one, especially since my wife spends a small fortune on candles: “Make a candle last longer by freezing it or salting it”. No, you’re not actually salting the whole candle like a steak. You let it burn a bit, blow it out and then sprinkle salt around the melted wax and wick. Here are more simple hacks.

4. The Danger Of Normalizing Your Debt – Stop Living Like Everyone Else

Making Sense of Cents — In his book, Power Up, Howard Dvorkin, founder and chairman of, discusses the financial dilemma known as “keeping up with the Joneses.” Michelle discusses that subject in this post, but also covers many other subjects.

I like the section entitled: “Stop thinking that you deserve everything you buy.” We all reward ourselves at times — even if we can’t afford the things we’re buying. But once you start thinking you deserve more and more rewards, you start falling deeper and deeper into debt.

5. Use The Buddy System to Keep You Financially Accountable

Married with Money — Sometimes we need help — especially when we’re facing challenging situations. Keeping your finances in order strikes me as challenging. Dave felt the same way some years ago. He thought if he recruited a friend, who also wanted to improve his finances, it would help him succeed.

But choosing the right “Buddy” is essential. He says “pick somebody you can trust, who will keep you honest too, and who will encourage you when you slip up.” Some people choose their spouse, others like Dave choose a great friend. Check out this post. Then read this post about talking with friends about money.

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