Millions are being spent on obese pet vet bills.

Before you feed your cat or dog one more table scrap, consider the hundreds of dollars it may cost you to treat their obesity-related health problems.

Pet insurer Nationwide says pets are getting fatter and it’s causing more trouble. Their records show a 23 percent increase in obesity-related claims in the last three years. In 2015, those claim costs topped $60 million and are still on the rise.

The costs add up quickly. To treat arthritis—the most common weight-related disease in canines—will cost $295, and for cats most common bladder and urinary tract disease could cost you $442.

Most Common Dog

Obesity-Related Conditions

Most Common Cat

Obesity-Related Conditions

1.    Arthritis1.     Bladder/Urinary Tract Disease
2.   Bladder/Urinary Tract Disease2.    Chronic Kidney Disease
3.   Low Thyroid Hormone Production3.    Diabetes
4.   Liver Disease4.    Asthma
5.   Torn Knee Ligaments5.    Liver Disease
6.   Diabetes6.    Arthritis
7.   Diseased Disc in the Spine7.    High Blood Pressure
8.  Chronic Kidney Disease8.   Heart Failure
9.   Heart Failure9.    Gall Bladder Disorder
10.  Fatty Growth10.   Immobility of Spine

We tried to find a comparable list for humans. Consumer Health Digest, an online publication, has this list but doesn’t list a source, so take it with a grain of salt…

Most Common Human

Obesity-Related Conditions

1.High Blood Pressure
3.Heart Disease
4.High Cholesterol Levels
7.Back Pain
8.Skin Infections
9.Erectile Dysfunction

Either way, it’s time to put the treats down and get your pet some cardio.

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