This week: Americans aren't nearly as sex-obsessed as the world thinks we are.

85 percent

American adults who “reported their orgasm felt pleasurable and intense,” according to K-Y Jelly. So the other 15 percent have weak orgasms that hurt?

51 percent

American adults who “prefer travelling over going on a date with their partner,” according to In fact, while 49 percent say their “own wedding day” was the happiest of their life, 50 percent say it was “landing a new job.”

34 percent

Women who “would rather watch TV” on Valentine’s Day than have sex, according to epi24. And if you’re a guy who plans to spread rose petals on the bed as a romantic Valentine’s Day gesture, know that 21 percent of women find that to be ‘the corniest V-Day gesture ever.”

30 percent

Millennials who say “good sex” is the most important part of a relationship, according to Viacom. “Friendship” was first at 58 percent. Older people are hornier: 45 percent of Gen Xers cited sex first.

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Article last modified on May 23, 2017. Published by, LLC .