This week: It doesn't make sense, but it's both funny and sad. Mostly sad, though.

 82 percent

Americans who say “charitable giving is important to them,” according to RBC Wealth Management. But only “47 percent of Americans say they donate to charity.”

 63 percent

American adults who say, despite gaining an hour of sleep for Daylight Savings Time, “say they are actually sleepier” the next day, according to the Daylight Saving Time Survey. Meanwhile, “25 percent admit to feeling lethargic.” So much for that idea.

70 percent

Americans who “feel that cleaning is a hassle but must be done,” according to cleaning supply manufacturer Karcher. Yet 43 percent “clean their homes even if things do not appear dirty.”

31 percent

Americans who “reported feeling a sense of loneliness at least once a week,” according to the American Osteopathic Association. One big reason: “Increased use of social media.”


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