This week: Do you love your job? Do you love someone at your job? Do you want a new job?

$1 billion

“Lost productivity” that employers suffer the Monday after the Super Bowl, according to the consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. That’s because we’re all tired and drunk from the watching the big game. The firm suggests moving the Super Bowl to Saturday to save $1 billion.

5.1 million

Job openings posted online at any given time, according to Glassdoor. Amazingly, “the total value of these unfilled jobs is more than $272 billion.” That’s more than the gross domestic product of Russia ($252 billion, if you were curious).

71 percent

Women who say they “love their job,” according to Adecco Staffing USA. Men? Only 59 percent. Meanwhile, 14 percent of women say they “hate” their job, compared to 23 of men.

41 percent

American workers who “say they have dated a co-worker” in the past year, according to Careerbuilder. That’s the highest since 2007, although there’s no official speculation why. What is known: “19 percent of office romances involve someone who is already married.”



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