This week: It's the Super Bowl of eating and spending.

1.33 billion

Number of chicken wings that’ll be eaten during the Super Bowl by hungry fans, according to a National Chicken Council report, which did the math and says, “1.33 billion wings is enough to circle the Earth almost three times.”

45 million

Americans who will attend a Super Bowl party, according to the National Retail Federation. Another 12.4 million will watch the game from a bar or restaurant.

1.8 million

Boxes of microwavable popcorn bought for Super Bowl munching, according to research by a very pleased Orville Redenbacher, which giddily announces, “That’s enough to cover the length of 4,300 football fields!”

81 percent

NFL fans who “may be on social media during a game,” according to, for some reason, Popeye’s Chicken. More in their wheelhouse: “$39.12 million was spent on chicken by fans tailgating at NFL games.”

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