This week: Talk about First World problems. These are even less important.

63 percent

Americans who “would never buy a house that didn’t have trees in the yard,” according to the Alliance for Community Trees. “On average, Americans pay 18 percent more for a house with trees in the yard.”

40 percent

Americans who “admit to feeling alarmed when they hear about product shortages in the media/in stores for a product they want to purchase,” according to Elementum.

15 percent

“Americans who don’t ever drink tap water because they don’t like the taste,” according to a very pleased SodaStream. The company’s American statistics showed 34 percent of mothers said “their children would drink more water if offered sparkling.”

2:58 p.m.

The time of day when many American employees feel “drowsy” (66 percent) and “worn out” (43 percent), according to GfK. “Over half of Americans have an afternoon crash at least once a week,” the company adds. Wow, that’s tough.

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