That’s what researchers learned this holiday season, along with two other facts that seem just as weird.

Even in 2016, there’s no getting away from holiday shopping in person.

An overwhelming 91 percent of Christmas shoppers still buy things from a physical store, according to a new survey from the International Council of Shopping Centers. And millennials were more likely to hit the mall (81 percent) than any other generation. Only 62 percent of baby boomers did.

Millennials enjoy shopping in malls so much that even after purchasing an item online to pick up in-store, 75 percent of millennials made an additional purchase in person.

Though they are going to the stores to shop, millennials still rely on technology while shopping — 86 percent are using a mobile device while in-store to check availability of items, read reviews, get digital coupons or compare prices.

Despite the persistence of mall shopping, things do seem to be moving toward the convenience of online shopping. A quarter of all holiday spending was at stores that only exist online, like Amazon. An additional 23 percent was spent online but at stores with a physical location. And many people (63 percent) still keep it simple by purchasing at least one gift card.

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