A reader is mad, but is his anger misplaced?

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Question: Why are you guys trying to frag President Trump? He got elected because of people like me, who got lots of debt and can’t get good-paying jobs to pay it all off. 

Aren’t you guys supposed to stick up for the little guy? You spend most of your time making fun of the president instead of supporting him to make this country great again. 

I’d really like to hear you defend yourself.

— Dan in Louisiana

Howard Dvorkin CPA answers…

Around the same time your email arrived in my inbox, Dan, I received another that began like this…

Talk about false equivalency. I just read your article on how you believe there’ll be a Trump recession, but you don’t think it’ll be the Trumpmeister’s fault — and you want him to succeed. So just to grasp your central premise here, you want a racist and sexist egomaniac to succeed?

No media outlet is immune from Trump, both his fans and enemies. That includes Debt.com. I responded to the email above by saying, “I’m a CPA, not a political scientist. My primary concern is getting Americans out of debt. I’ll support any president, from either party, who can help that happen.”

Fortunately, we’re not a political site. Sure, we write about politics, but only when they intersect with personal finance. In other words, we don’t delve into the Congressional machinations to drum up votes to pass a certain bill. We only care how that bill will affect your bottom line.

Here’s an example…

Earlier this year, a reader asked me if he should jump on the Trump train and invest all his savings in the stock market — because he trusted Trump to revive the economy. I emphatically warned, “This idea scares me.”

My answer had nothing to do with Trump. I don’t care who the president is, you should never wipe out an emergency fund to invest in the stock market.

Now, Debt.com associate editor Brandon Ballenger really hates Trump. That’s obvious when you read his America’s Voice on Debt columns. Even there, however, Brandon provides facts and figures. When he complained about Donald Trump’s Student Loan Circus, he backed it up with evidence that the company Trump wants to rely on has a dismal customer service record.

As for me, I voted for Trump. I’ve met him. I’ve also met Hillary Clinton. You can certainly hate my choice, and you have that right. However, I hope you’ll appreciate my reasoning.

I’ve long said the United States is drowning under government regulation — not regulations that truly protect Americans who need it, but regulations that don’t make sense, stifle both small and big business, and don’t even fix the problems they purport to address.

As a businessman myself for more than two decades, I’ve quite literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, attorneys, and my own time trying to navigate rules that the government officials I talk to admit are so dense even they don’t understand them.

I don’t agree with Trump on many issues, but if he can succeed in this one task, it will be a gift to America that will keep on giving, long after he’s gone.

Yet even so, we get comments like this on our Facebook page…

I don’t mind people speaking their mind. I just wish they’d consider all sides before making up their mind. Of course, I welcome your comments regarding this post, even if you don’t particularly care for what I’ve said.

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