This week: You won’t believe how big these numbers are, especially the one about gym memberships.

$50 billion

What “wage theft” costs American workers annually, according The Wage Authority Group announced that “wage theft costs American workers annually.” Wage theft is the polite way of describing employers who force their employees to work off the books, work for below minimum wage, or work overtime without being compensated for it.

$19 billion

How much Americans spent on gym memberships in the past year, according to Yet one third of Americans are obese, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association.

2.9 billion

Robocalls endured by Americans just in August, according to the YouMail Robocall Index. That’s the most ever, surpassing the previous record of 2.6 billion.

1.2 billion

How many iPhones Apple has shipped in the past decade, according Strategy Analytics. Since there are 7.5 billion in the world, that means an iPhone for every 6.25 people.

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