Your phone is probably smarter than you are.

Animation of man in top hat on the phone rolling his eyes and yawning sarcastically

73 percent

Adults over the age of 50 who own a smartphone, according to the AARP. That’s up 25 percent since 2013 — which should make smartphones decidedly less hip to everyone younger.

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48 percent

Millennials who have “sexted, sent or received a naked picture” on their phones “at least once per week,” according to Lifestyles Condoms. Unsurprisingly, 53 percent of millennial men send naked photos via Snapchat, compared to 27 percent of women.

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52 percent

Adults who “live in households with cellphones but no landline telephones,” according to GfK. That’s exactly double from 2010.

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2.26 times

The average that cell phones are used during each drive in Washington, DC, according to Life360’s phone statistics. That’s not the most in the country: “Cell phone use on the road was most frequent in New Orleans, with mobile phones used an average of 2.78 times during each drive.”



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