This week: If it wasn't for the paycheck, would we do this at all?

88 percent

Employees who “admit to pretending to understand office jargon, even when they really have no idea what it means,” according to American Express. Yet “64 percent still say they use jargon words or phrases multiple times a week.”

70 percent

Nurses who say “they feel burnt out in their current job,” according to CareerBuilder. Of those, “54 percent of nurses rate their stress level at work as high.” Not good for their health — or ours.

56 percent

Employees who say they have “toxic workplace leaders,” according to Life Meets Work. That means “exhibits behaviors such as publicly belittling subordinates, having explosive outbursts, and accepting credit for others’ successes.”

21 percent

American adults who missed work “due to oral health issues” in 2016, according to Delta Dental Plans. Weirdly, it’s not old people who miss the most work because of “toothaches, pain and unplanned trips to the dentist.” It was millennials, at 33 percent.

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