This week: Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Yeah, right.

classroom material

$2-4 billion

“The total minimum cost of U.S. teacher time spent copying and printing classroom materials,” according to Office Depot. They must be ecstatic about this waste of paper and money. Technology statistics show that, “75 percent of U.S. teachers spending between one to two hours preparing materials each week.” Well, at least they’re highly compensated and well-respected.


41 percent

“College students who always use paper tools to prepare for exams,” according to a very pleased trade group called The Paper and Packaging Board. Even better for them, that stat for 2016 has risen to 48 percent. So much for the paperless society.

television reception

25 percent

TV sets in the United States “without cable or satellite TV reception,” according to a tech marketing firm called GfK. Most of those antenna-only TVs are owned by millennials, and 6 percent of them only watch TV using “Internet services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or YouTube.” That’s up from 4 percent last year.

10 percent

Americans who “would rather spend the night in jail than combat a chronically slow computer,” according to Slimware Utilities. Then again, 47 percent of computer users never check for viruses and 57 percent never delete files.

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