This week: Welcome to the last gasp of summer vacation. Now shut up and get in line.

90 percent

Women who “desire to have their significant other plan a vacation,” according to Hilton hotels. Before you consider the sexism of this poll result, also let this sink in: “77 percent of women felt men are more likely to make a travel blunder while planning.”

21 percent

Airline passengers who “have already abandoned their preferred airline for an option with better in-flight Wi-Fi,” according to Honeywell. That’s up from 17 percent in 2014. Which makes sense: Since all airlines have crappy customer service and tiny seats, Wi-Fi is the only true amenity left.

38 percent

Millennials who are “nervous about flying,” according to the AARP. Interstingly, older generations are less nervous: Only 31 percent of Gen Xers and 23 of boomers. Maybe because they have more experience flying, or maybe because they’re closer to dying anyway.

18.2 percent

Airline passengers who say their “biggest fear” is sitting next to someone with “unpleasant body odor,” according to Airfarewatchdog. That’s nearly a tie with “overweight” at 18.4 percent. So most fliers prefer more space to fresher air.



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