This week: Our phones are killing us, and we're killing them.

54 percent

Americans who drop their mobile phones at least once a week, according to Verizon. Another 42 percent have “sent their phones through the wash” at least once.

32 percent

Adults who “would hate to lose their cell phone” the most — compared to only 19 percent who would be most “upset about a lost wedding ring,” according to Chase Bank’s phone statistics. Then again, 31 percent look at their phones “between bites at a restaurant.”

6 percent

Adults who admit, while in a public restroom, “admit they’ve taken a photo in the stall,” according to the Bradley Corporation, which makes bathroom fixtures. The company says this might partially explain why “one out of six cell phones tests positive for fecal matter.”

6 percent

Americans who “spend more than seven hours a day with their smartphone in their hands” — while they’re on vacation. “Americans will spend more time glued to their smartphones than their beach chairs,” says What are they doing? Half “admit to uploading photos to social media just to show off.”

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