This week: Do as I say, not as I do.

88 percent

Parents who “rated their child care as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent,'” according to an NPR study on child care statistics. So what could possibly be bad about that? Just this: “That stands in stark contrast to the most comprehensive and most recent study on child care and child development, which rated the quality of fewer than 10 percent of child care arrangements in the U.S. as ‘very high.'” So basically, parents aren’t checking up on their child care arrangements.

 87 percent

Parents who “require their children to wash their hands after using the bathroom,” according to plumbing manufacturer Bradley Corporation. Which makes you wonder about the other 13 percent.

78 percent

Parents who “brag about their child’s achievements to others,” according to LinkedIn. Nice, right? Not really: “45 percent of parents can’t remember the last time they told their child they were proud of them.”

47 percent

Millennials who say “their parents turn to them for tech help at least once a week,” according to Best Buy. Their parents call them liars: “Only 17 percent said they seek help from their kids that often.”

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