Here are some surprisingly big figures.

$92 billion

The “value of America’s national parks,” according to “the first-ever study providing a comprehensive economic valuation” of these public lands, according to the National Park Foundation. Of that, $62 billion is for the land alone. The rest is sketchier: “The value derived by the public from simply knowing that NPS assets are protected for current and future generations, regardless of whether or not they actually choose to visit.” Sounds like typical government math — what we think national parks are worth to people if we threatened to get rid of them.

$1.59 billion

How much the “global hand dryers market is anticipated to reach” by 2024, according to Grand View Research. So despite how loud those things are, and how long they take to actually dry your hands, this is a big and growing business.

9.9 million

U.S. adults who suffer “annual fall-related injuries,” according to Liberty Mutual, an insurance company obviously concerned about such things. And if you think older people fall more often, you’re wrong: “Surprisingly, fall injuries were almost equally divided across three age groups, with 32.3 percent occurring among older adults (ages 65+), 35.3 percent affecting middle-age adults (ages 45-65) and 32.3 percent affecting younger adults (ages 18-44).”

1.2 million

“Shoplifters and dishonest employees were apprehended in 2015 by just 25 large retailers,” according to the 28th Annual Retail Theft Survey. Total value of the recovered items: $200 million. Both numbers are up about 2 percent from last year.

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