They're creepy AND lazy.

57 percent

Millennials who “admit they have looked through personal items when visiting someone else’s home,” according to LifeLock. It’s only 41 percent for all Americans — which makes millennials the creepiest generation.

55.5 percent

Millennials who agree with this statement: “Even when money is tight, I will still spend money on food and drinks,” according to More than a third of millennials say they suffer “financial strain in order to attend a social event.”

30 percent

Millennials who say “it’s easier to order something in” than cook a meal, according to a Harris poll. That’s twice exactly double Gen Xers and exactly three times baby Boomers.

27 percent

Millennials who admit they’re “likely to interact with their smartphone more than their significant other,” according to Bank of America. Meanwhile, 56 percent of all adults “believe other people are guilty of overuse” of their phones — while only 10 percent are willing to admit it themselves.



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Article last modified on July 8, 2016. Published by, LLC .