This week: Scientists toiled so we can shop without pants.

 48 percent

American adults who, if they could drive a “semi-autonomous car,” would spend their free time eating. This is according to State Farm, which can’t please the insurance company. That was the top response among lazy Americans, eclipsing “tending to children” (32 percent) and “recording videos” (26 percent).

 31 percent

Millennials (ages 18 to 24) who “said they use the drive through because they don’t feel like dealing with people,” according to Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant chain. Weirdly, “just 35 percent said they trust the drive-through attendant to get the order correct.”

 28 percent

Adults who “have secretly changed the temperature in their home without other people knowing,” according to De’Longhi, which makes air conditioners.

10 percent

Millennials who prefer buying things online so they “can drink while shopping,” according to While 36 percent do it so they “don’t have to deal with other people,” another 24 percent like the fact they “don’t have to wear pants.”

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