This week: Not so bright about so many things.

77 percent

Mothers who “think that schools are not very clean,” according to copper manufacturer CuVerro. In addition, “53 percent believe schools were the most likely source of their family’s colds and other infections last year.” Then again, 93 percent say their “kids should wash their hands more often.” So really, who’s to blame here?

56 percent

Americans who “aren’t open to using a bidet,” according to fixture manufacturer Kohler. Why? “One of four say it’s based on not knowing how to use one.”

25 percent

Parents who so desperately want to buy their children expensive holiday presents that they’ve “either taken from their 401(k)s or their emergency funds or taken a payday loan to cover holiday spending,” according to T. Rowe Price. And if you think that’s irresponsible, get a load of this: “53 percent of parents agree with the statement, I try to get everything on my kids’ lists, no matter how much it costs.”

13 percent

Americans who still can’t “name the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton,” according to Annenberg Public Policy Center. Meanwhile, 16 percent still can’t “name the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.” Lucky them.



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Article last modified on March 23, 2017. Published by, LLC .