It doesn't matter how you got into debt. Let's get you out.

My job is both depressing and uplifting.

It’s depressing when, as a financial expert, I read articles and studies about nice people suffering from horrible debt.

It’s uplifting when I hear from some of those same people after has helped them achieve financial freedom — whether it’s through a debt management program, a student loan consolidation program, or a tax debt relief program.

While all these programs (and many others offers) are proven debt-busters, it’s often difficult to persuade people to make even a phone call, just to speak with a certified credit counselor who will review your options without a sales pitch.

I understand that. Debt is stressful and embarrassing, and it often seems easier to just ignore it. Especially during the holidays, the last thing you want to contemplate is the bitter concept of owing more than you have.

That’s exactly why chose this time of year to launch its first-ever $1K Giveaway. Let me explain it like this…


The deadline to enter is New Year’s Eve, and we’ll announce a winner in mid-January. If you want debt help now, however, simply call 1-844-331-7475.


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