Driving in China sucks and more in this week's By the Numbers.

By The Numbers: Stressed Out

The big complaints: driving, shopping, and working. So basically, almost everything.

49 million

Estimated number of drivers who annually “try to block another vehicle from changing lanes,” according to AAA. That might be passive-aggressive, but how’s this for just aggressive: 5.7 million drivers admit to “Bumping or ramming another vehicle on purpose.”

44 percent

Women whose biggest anxiety before attending a wedding is “finding the right outfit,” according to the coupon site eBates. Next was “losing weight,” a distant second at 28 percent. For men? The top two are “seeing people I dislike” (31 percent) and “spending too much money” (29 percent).

41 percent

American workers who say ” it’s been six months or longer since they’ve felt completely relaxed and stress free,” according to Groupon. They  take an average of 11 vacation days a year — but “six days are spent doing things around the home, looking after sick children or pets, running errands, going to appointments or taking care of other chores.”

9 percent

Employees “have a favorable opinion of their culture” at work, according to a leadership training firm called VitalSmarts. Not surprisingly, 15 percent of managers thought the work culture was just fine.

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