The big complaints: driving, shopping, and working. So basically, almost everything.

car accident

49 million

Estimated number of drivers who annually “try to block another vehicle from changing lanes,” according to AAA. That might be passive-aggressive, but how’s this for just aggressive: 5.7 million drivers admit to “Bumping or ramming another vehicle on purpose.”


44 percent

Women whose biggest anxiety before attending a wedding is “finding the right outfit,” according to the coupon site eBates. Next was “losing weight,” a distant second at 28 percent. For men? The top two are “seeing people I dislike” (31 percent) and “spending too much money” (29 percent).

vacation from work

41 percent

American workers who say ” it’s been six months or longer since they’ve felt completely relaxed and stress free,” according to Groupon. They  take an average of 11 vacation days a year — but “six days are spent doing things around the home, looking after sick children or pets, running errands, going to appointments or taking care of other chores.”

work culture

9 percent

Employees “have a favorable opinion of their culture” at work, according to a leadership training firm called VitalSmarts. Not surprisingly, 15 percent of managers thought the work culture was just fine.



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Article last modified on May 22, 2017. Published by, LLC .