This week: Pets who fly and die.

$73 billion

How much will be spent on pets by the 45 million households with dogs and the 30 million with cats, according to a report called the U.S. Pet Market Outlook. That’s just “products and services” and doesn’t include vet bills. But it’s still more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of all the humans in Cuba ($72.3 billion).

80 percent

Pet owners who kiss their pets more than their “significant other,” according to pet med company VEtIQ. 83 percent say their pet is “a better cuddler,” too.

52 percent

Air travelers who believe “animals should be allowed to travel in airplane cabins,” according to transportation company GO Airport Express. Of those, 63 percent said pets were fine as long as they “were kept in designated areas to accommodate those with allergies.” Are pet-only sections next?

16.6 percent

Pet owners who “say they’ve created a social media profile specifically for their pet,” according to Mars PetCare. The company reports, sadly, “Half of those pet owners say their pets get more social attention than they do.”

16 percent

Pet owners who “would spend $10,000 or more to save their pets’ lives,” according to Securian Financial Group. Of course, that’s what they say now. Then again, 38 percent have named a “caregiver” for their pets should they die first, and they’ve set aside a portion of their life insurance to pay for it.

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