Silly reasons for the season.


An estimate of the value of all items lost over Memorial Day Weekend, according to software company Chargerback. That’s a total 1,171,275 items. “Of these, 19.5 percent will be electronic devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, keys with electronic fobs, and cameras, with an estimated total value of $68,425,253.”

84 percent

How many tea drinkers prefer iced tea, according to something called the Tea Council of the USA, and not just in summertime. Meanwhile, only 75 percent prefer hot tea. The Council doesn’t explain why the total is 159 percent.

48 percent

Summer air travelers who “did not think the security lines were longer than in previous travels,” according to GO Airport Shuttle. So much for that media hype.

23 percent

“Leisure trips taken alone,” according to the U.S. Travel Association. Most are older women, then “younger female professionals.” Which probably says more about the men than the women.

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