Like, wow, man.

84 percent

Football fans who drink alcohol while watching games at home, according to a Harris Poll. Interestingly, it’s only a little less for those in the stands: 83 percent drink alcohol. And not surprisingly, they’re almost all dudes.

70 percent

Baby boomer men “who know how to change the oil in their car,” according to Wahl, which makes grooming tools for men. Weirdly, only 51 percent of millennial men know how to do this, but they know better than baby boomers how to “cut their own hair” by a margin of 39 to 28 percent. That’s probably good for Wahl.

60 percent

Urgent care doctors who say they see a 60 percent increase “in patient visits related to cooking wounds around the Thanksgiving holiday, such as turkey carving accidents,” according to CityMD, a network of such doctors. They also see a “15 percent increase in orthopedic injuries from Thanksgiving-related activities, such as the annual Turkey Bowl.” Any bets on how many of these idiots are dudes?


“Enough craft beer was produced in the United States in 2015 to fill over 11,000 747 jumbo jets,” claims the Brewers Association. And guess who drank most of it? Dudes.

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