If you’re not following these simple tips, you’re wasting money.

It’s long been the case that you can get a lower price on most purchases if you are willing to wait — until an item is out of season or becomes last-year’s model. If the thing you covet isn’t sold out, there’s usually a discounted price for it — eventually.

Another time-honored way to save is to search for coupons.

The thing is, there are times when we simply need — or want — something that is not marked down yet. What if there is no coupon or sale to be found?

That’s why the digital age is so awesome for shoppers. If you use the tools that are available through websites, credit cards and gift cards, you can score at least 10 percent off in most cases for most purchases — without waiting for sales or searching the papers for coupons.

Following are three simple steps that can help you save at least 10 percent off anything you could possibly need to buy. If you’re like most people, you will not go back to paying full price — or waiting for a sale.

Step 1: Find a discounted gift card

The first savings step is to buy a gift card, but not just any old gift card. Instead, you want to head to a website specializing in reselling gift cards at a discounted rate.

Here are some of the biggest sites in the reselling business:

These sites let individuals with unwanted gift cards unload them by selling them to others at a discount. While the sites advertise discounts of as much as 35 percent, you’re typically going to save less than 10 percent for most cards.

You can learn more about discounted cards in our article about saving every time you shop.

Step 2: Buy through a rebate site

When you’re saving 10 percent by using a discounted gift card for every purchase, we want to tell you how to save even more.

If you’re buying online, make your purchase through a rebate or “cash-back” site. These sites often offer an additional 3 or 4 percent off your purchase. You’ll pay the full amount when you buy, but receive the discount back in the form of a rebate.

These are some of the most popular rebate sites:

Getting started with a cash-back site is simple. You sign up, then visit the site before shopping online. For example, if you want to shop online at Kohl’s, instead of going directly to Kohls.com, you’d start at the cash-back site, click on the Kohl’s page, then start shopping. When you buy something, you’ll earn money from the cash-back site.

There’s no catch. Cash-back sites simply get a commission from participating stores when you make a purchase, then share it with you.

Before shopping, check out the store availability and terms at the rebate sites. Some sites send checks automatically every few months, while others require you to request a payment once you hit a minimum amount in your account. Participating retailers and rebate amounts vary among sites.

We’ve got a whole article about rebate sites, so be sure to read that next.

(By the way, we’ll make a little something when you sign up for Ebates and some of the other sites in this article. This doesn’t cost you a dime, and we’d never recommend anything we don’t actually believe in. But it’s cool when you can make a little something for talking about things you’d be talking about anyway, right?)

Step 3: Use a cash-back credit card

The final step to saving 10 percent or more is to use a great cash-back or rewards credit card.

For an array of cards to choose from check out the “cash back” category in our Solutions Center’s credit cardssection.

Depending on the card and what you’re buying, you could save anywhere from 1 to 5 percent on your purchase. As with rebate sites, you’ll pay the full price at purchase but receive the cash back as a rebate or statement credit.

If you like to keep things simple, Fidelity’s Rewards Visa Signature card offers unlimited 2 percent cash back on everything you buy, deposited automatically into a linked Fidelity account. There’s no fee to open a brokerage, checking (“cash management”) or retirement account at Fidelity, and the card has no annual fee, so the whole 2 percent is yours to keep.

Of course, using a credit card comes with the caveat that you must pay off your balance when the bill arrives. Paying interest on a credit card is a sure-fire way to negate your savings.

While these three steps should save you at least 10 percent off just about anything, don’t stop there. Read this article on simple, proven strategies to save on everything you buy.

What’s your favorite trick for saving before an item goes on sale? Share with us in comments below or on ourFacebook page.

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