Meet Kaylie Morgan,'s third scholarship winner.

Kaylie Morgan isn’t easily discouraged. She started college at Arizona State University just this month, after applying for nearly 30 scholarships. She only won one. Undaunted, she’s still applying.

That gung-ho attitude is why doubled her winning percentage. Last week, we awarded her the third Scholarship For Aggressive Scholarship Applicants.

“I don’t think my fellow students apply for as many scholarships as they could,” Kaylie says. “A lot of students don’t realize how many scholarships are out there, let alone how to apply for them.”

Kaylie says it’s not only ignorance, but also fear, that keeps her peers from chasing free money.

“Scholarships are so foreign and intimidating at first, but my counselor in high school showed me where to find them, and how easy it is to apply,” she says. “Once I started applying, I found myself on the scholarship websites every day. I figured if I kept applying, I was bound to be chosen for at least one.”

She did indeed win one, from something called the “Partners of Arrowhead Hospital.”



Of course, someone like Kaylie isn’t just savvy about earning money. She’s also savvy about spending it. Even as an incoming freshman, she’s learned a few tricks.

“Don’t buy textbooks from the school bookstore unless absolutely necessary,” she warns. “They’re much more inexpensive when bought or rented through websites like Chegg or Amazon. It can also be helpful to talk to older students — they might have old textbooks they’re willing to sell for cheap prices, or know of a good way to obtain them.”

Today, I just signed a $500 check for Kaylie. I know the money will be well spent. Want a free $500 yourself?

Tomorrow, we re-open the scholarship. You have until October 1 to apply. Details here.

Howard Dvorkin is a CPA and chairman of, an educational resource for those who want to conquer all forms of debt in their lives.


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