Avoid silly pet gifts this season. Get fun gifts that are functional and inexpensive.

People buy the craziest things for their pets. Unfortunately, they waste money on some dumb pet stuff, too. Debt.com found five cool gifts that are inexpensive and functional.

So go ahead and splurge on your pet this holiday season.

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1. Pet Cave

Every animal deserves a comfortable sleeping place. This “cave” has a top that zippers on and off, is 5 inches thick, and the cover can be washed and dried. It has a 25-inch diameter, so it’s good for many sizes of dogs and cats. Right now the cost is only $20.

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2. SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box 

This toy is supposed to keep cats busy — especially when they’re left home alone. You can place toys and treats in the holes. It comes with two toys and is sturdily built. Most reviewers say their cats enjoy playing with it. You can get it on sale for $20.

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 3. Pet Grooming Tool and Brush

This gift is more practical. It will make your pet comfortable, though — and happy. It might make you comfortable too, by ridding your home of all that dog or cat hair that’s been accumulating. It comes with a deshedding tool and stainless comb. Sale cost: $17.

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4. Cesar’s Healthy Dog Treats

How can your pet resist treats made from beef trachea, tendons and liver. The Dog Whisperer says dogs have different tastes than humans. Trachea is truly a treat for them. Treats are all natural and minimally processed. Cost: $5 a bag.

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5. Vine Ball Candy Cane

We can’t forget toys for bird lovers. The balls on this candy cane hold small treats so birds can “forage” for their food. Cleaning it is easy and it’s made of non-toxic materials and uses FD&C approved coloring. It is seven inches tall.  Cost: $7.

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Article last modified on March 15, 2017. Published by Debt.com, LLC .