Here’s how to trick your debt and treat your savings.

Halloween is Saturday, and the National Retail Federation predicts we’ll spend almost $7 billion on the scary holiday. However, the really frightening news comes from Country Financial, which used Halloween as a timely excuse to ask Americans about their spookiest financial nightmares.

It’s not a ghoulish shock that “30 percent of Americans say their biggest fear is being able to retire comfortably.” That’s much higher than the runners up: “healthcare expenses” at 19 percent and “affording rent/mortgage” at 11 percent.

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Overall, the poll revealed “83 percent of Americans who has anxieties about their finances.” If you’re one of those, check our spine-chilling slideshow above for tips on how to control your spookiest debts. Want to know more? Consult our Debt Solutions section or simply call one of our certified credit counselors at 1-888-810-0989.

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