This week: What we think of our bosses, our coworkers, and everyone else's lawyers.

management skills

84 percent

American employees who said yes when asked this question by jobs site Do you think you could do a better job than your manager? That’s higher than employees in Germany (83 percent) and France (72 percent) but lower than India (87 percent).

boss ratings

38 percent

Monster followed up the poll above with one asking employees to rate their bosses. This is how many said “horrible.” Only 17 percent said “excellent.”

37 percent

American workers who believe “most workers’ compensation claims are made by people who don’t want to work,” according to Summit Pharmacy. Interestingly, 35 percent also agree with this sarcastic statement: “You need a PhD to complete all the necessary paperwork associated with a worker’s compensation claim.” So in conclusion, lazy people are really smart.

pro bono

33 percent

Lawyers who say “they work on a volunteer basis has risen over the past five years,” according to staffing firm Robert Half. For as much as society makes fun of lawyers, this is good news. “In fact, 45 percent of lawyers said they dedicate 50 or more hours of their time each year to pro bono service.” Then again, they could be lying, those greedy bastards.

small business debt

28 percent

Small businesses in debt, according to business software maker Intuit. Is it the economy that’s messed them up? Nope. “More than 40 percent consider themselves financially illiterate,” Intuit says. In fact, “66 percent wish they knew more about their finances.” So do these owners take responsibility for their ignorance? Of course not! Their workers are to blame:  “Only 38 percent think their employees understand their business’ finances.”

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