This week: You're rude, sick, tired, and don't get enough time off.


65 percent

Bosses who believe “their staff was inconsiderate and rude in the workplace,” according to accounting firm Kessler International. Of those, 65 percent go further: “They felt a majority of their staff lacked a moral compass.” The top three complaints: “untimely and inappropriate use of cellphones,” “wearing inappropriate clothing to work,” and “complete lack of courtesy.”

tired at work

48 percent

Employees who are “are distracted by fatigue at work, causing them to make mistakes and even doze off,” according to career research firm Glassdoor. It’s so bad that “23 percent of respondents admitted to walking around the workplace with an unbuttoned top or mismatched shoes.”

call in sick

42.5 percent

Employees who don’t call in sick because they can’t afford to lose the pay, according to something called the Vicks Global Cold and Flu Survey. Another 33.5 don’t call in sick because they have a “fear of falling behind at the office.”

paid holidays

37 percent

Employers who give a paid day off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, according to business news service Bloomberg BNA. By comparison, 73 percent give paid time off for the day after Thanksgiving.

hiring attorneys

26 percent

Law firms that will hire more attorneys this year, according to staffing from Robert Half Legal. Just what this country needs, more lawyers.

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