Who has the better student loan memes? Debt.com or Slate.com?

Today's Money Monday: Student loan memesLast week, the federal Department of Education got a scolding from the Internet.

The DOE tweeted a joke image – a meme – about the deadline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better known as FAFSA. It’s the image above, and many felt it insulted poor people.

The outrage was covered by media outlets large (USA Today) and small (a TV station in Des Moines, Iowa). But best I can tell, only two websites dared to show the DOE how it’s done — by producing their own student loan memes. That would be Debt.com and Slate.com.

We’re biased, but we think ours are funnier. Check out the comparison below. And if you think we both suck and you can do better, tune in tomorrow for how to win cold, hard cash by doing so.



Student loan memes Student loan memes
Student loan memes Student loan memes
Student loan memes Wonka FAFSA

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Article last modified on April 11, 2017. Published by Debt.com, LLC .