Small businesses will play a big part in a rebounding job market, a new survey says

A cold winter will thaw into a rosy summer job market for small businesses, if you believe the metaphors and job market infographic from PNC, one of the nation’s largest financial services companies.

“After a severe winter that froze economic growth, U.S. small and mid-sized business owners now forecast sunnier days ahead for the next six months,” PNC concluded after polling 1,100 owners or “senior decision makers” at businesses with annual revenues between $100,000 and $250 million.

“The harsh winter’s impact on the U.S. economy overall appears to be temporary,” says Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC. “These findings support our baseline forecast that the U.S. economic and jobs expansion should quickly bounce back this spring and propel what should be the economy’s best year since before the Great Recession.”


Small businesses figure large in PNC's job market infographic.

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