For Mother's Day, we seek the mother of all inventions

It sounds like a joke but it’s actually a survey: What do disposable diapers and social media have in common?

According to 1,000 Americans, they’re two of the best inventions that improve our quality of life. At No.1? The Internet.

Perhaps the most controversial result is video games. But there’s an age gap among the participants. “Among 18-24 year olds, video gaming systems are second only to the Internet,” the survey reveals, while older Americans voted for older inventions like the zipper (invented 1913) and vacuum cleaner (1937).

“Age creates a great chasm in how one views the impact of most of these inventions,” the survey concludes. “The pattern suggests that inventions during your teen to early adult years tend to have the greatest impact, while items invented earlier may be taken for granted, as one never knew life without it.”

What do you think are the best inventions?

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