The one about how long men groom themselves is REALLY questionable.

169 million

“Permanently lost” paid time off that all American workers lost last year because they simply didn’t take the days, according to a new study by the U.S. Travel Association, which is as horrified as you are by those numbers.

The most common explanation for passing up vacation time? Hoping to get more work done and get rewarded for it. Didn’t work out that way: “Contrary to popular opinion, more time at the office does not correlate with a raise or bonus. In fact, employees who left 11-15 days unused are less likely (by 6.5 percent) to receive a raise or bonus than those who used all of their vacation days.”

253 calories

“Adults who reported eating frozen-food took in 253 fewer calories per day than fast food eaters,” declares a new study this week by Nestle, which makes more than chocolate. (The company also owns Lean Cuisine.) But who doesn’t consume less calories than fast-food eaters? You’d have to literally chew fat to do worse.

100 hours

“The average man spends more than 100 hours a year grooming his facial hair,” according to a survey this week by Just For Men. That’s nearly 16.5 minutes a day. Most men don’t spend that long bathing every day.

75 percent

Employees who say “performance reviews don’t always lead to better performance.” Why? The survey by a consulting firm called GuideSpark also reveals, “more than 60 percent of employees don’t understand how their performance is measured relative to their peers.” So the bosses who give performance reviews need performance reviews on how to give performance reviews.

69 percent

Older workers who say “younger workers are frustrating when it comes to work ethic,” according to a survey released Tuesday by Ricoh, best known for making copiers. Maybe this is why those youngsters can’t get any work done: The survey also revealed that 48 percent of adults “say the younger employees usually have to help older ones at their place of employment use technology.”

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