A saleswoman reveals how she lies to pry open her customers' wallets.

If I do my job honestly, I get paid $10 an hour. But if I lie to my customers, I can earn up to $23 an hour.

For the past two years, I’ve worked in an expensive women’s clothing store in a high-end mall in a wealthy Florida town. I make $4 every time you spend $200 on a dress. That may not seem like much, but when I can persuade you to spend more with just a few simple lies, it adds up.

Lying to sell clothes didn’t come to me naturally. The managers and veteran salespeople taught me how. Why? It’s the only way to make a living on a 2 percent commission and a base pay of $10 an hour. You either lie or you starve.

Some of my recent paychecks have ranged from $540 to $855 for about 35 hours in the store. It all depends on how much I lie.

So what are these lies? How do they cost you? And how can you use them to keep money in your pocket instead of putting it in mine? Here are the seven biggest lies in women’s clothing sales…


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Lulu Ramadan

Lulu Ramadan


Ramadan is a freelance writer for Debt.com and a reporter for The Palm Beach Post in South Florida.

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